Jotter House Media Logo

Jotter House Media

For it's launch into big business, Jotter House Media invested in this clean contemporary logo design, with suitably 'inky' colours. Their first client? Google UK.

The Fujitsu AA Tournament

A collection of Fujitsu and AA staff football teams are gathered from all around the UK for this annual event. Branding the Fujitsu AA Tournament required a challenging mix of contemporary, corporate and fun - 3 styles not usually combined.


FC7 Construction

To represent their multi-million pound construction outfit, FC7 conveys strength and confidence with this distinctive logo boasting a style which we have dubbed 'no dust'.

Cavendish Lettings Logo Design

Cavendish Lettings Rebrand

Upgrading from a classic - but very linear - brown logo, Cavendish Lettings now portrays a sharp, slick, highly-stylised identity which better reflects it's up-market property portfolio.

MyFlyPal Logo


MyFlyPal is an engaging and easy to use hub for all new and student pilots worldwide, designed wholy by Serosensa. We purposely aimed to create a divide of absorption with this logo- some see a plane, some see MFP.

Lasershape Branding

Lasershape Brand Identity

Having been given carte blanche to create a suitable brand identity for precision cutting plant Lasershape, we produced this clean but relevant manipulation of LS, adding a touch of colour and a nod to the Laser at its base.

LPC Logo Design

Learning Provider Consortium Logo

The stylised 'Keyring' centrepiece of the LPC's logo simply reflects the purpose of any consortium. All involved are stronger and more efficient united than apart.


Notts YMCA Anniversary Rebrand

2011 saw Nottinghamshire YMCA in its 140th year. A new celebratory bronze and white logo design conveyed history, whereas its cleanliness and subtle curves offer a modern feel which augments many other brands very well indeed.

Active for Life Logo

Active for Life Brand Identity

The strategic decision to rebrand Club Y to the Active for Life Health & Fitness Centre brought with it the opportunity to refurbish the fragmented presentation of the Health & Fitness Department's range of services - as a whole - from the ground up.

Every division of the department's admin, signage and advertising now proudly boasts the brand, which in turn, promotes all other division by association.

OGA Logo

The Organic Growers Alliance

The OGA represents the interests of organic growers generally to official bodies, certifiers and research organisations such as DEFRA, ACOS, HDRA & HDC. The Alliance also organises the annual UK Organic Conference as well as publishing it's own horticultural journal.

Outdoor Ed Logo Mark

YMCA Outdoor Education Logo

The YMCA's Outdoor Education Logo draws inspiration from the 4 age-old elements of earth, water, fire & wind - whilst displaying the four YMCA 'Core Values' colours.


Spaces Building

The distinctiveness of the house symbol in Spaces Building's new logo is certain to make them a much noticed brand through the wide gamut of building services they provide.

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