The design of over 30 regional Monopoly Board Game editions is a notable portion of our portfolio, culminating in the design and photography of the Nottingham Monopoly Board Game. Nearly all major cities and towns now have an edition of their own.

Artwork owned by Guppi Ltd

Top Trumps

We are proud to boast the design of over 30 packs of Top Trumps card games, typically licensed to coincide with a major movie release, large sporting event or fast-rising trends. Highlights include Marvel Comic Heroes, Pirates of the Caribbean, 24, McDonald's Happy Meal, Manchester United and the record breaking Simpsons Halloween with over 843 Thousand sales! We have designed many a Top Trumps card.

Artwork owned by Guppi Ltd

Cluedo Card Game

Cluedo's conversion to a card game involved revamped graphics for a much smaller box.

Artwork owned by Guppi Ltd

The Simpsons Jammy D'oh Nuts

Simpsons merchandising has always been largely styleguided, but in a break from the norm, this one was passed by the licensors with an illustration of the main unit, as well as subtle shading to the characters. One of the more engaging Simpsons products.

Artwork owned by Guppi Ltd

The Sudoku Game

Nearing the height of the sudoku craze, classy Japanese styling gave this game an authentic edge over similar games on the shelf. It also spawned 2 sequels.

Artwork owned by Guppi Ltd

Frogs Jigsaw Puzzle

Drawn from scratch, this illustration was for a large jigsaw puzzle with the same design on both sides! The application of strict CMYK theory made this image extremely vivid when printed. Apart from the overprinting black on the eyes, there are very few pixels containing more than 2 colours.

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