Frogs Jigsaw Graphic Illustration

Frogs Jigsaw Puzzle

Drawn from scratch, this graphic illustration was for a large jigsaw puzzle with the same design on both sides! The application of strict CMYK theory made this image extremely vivid when printed. Apart from the overprinting black on the eyes, there are very few pixels muddied with more than 2 colours. A piece to rival any graphic illustrator.

YMCA Day Camps Graphic Illustration

YMCA Day Camps Brochures

To convey the festival of activities and themes on offer during YMCA Day Camps a plethora of bespoke, stylised graphic illustrations have been crafted, bringing the magic of the camps to the brochures that precede them.

Monopoly Icons

Monopoly Assets

After designing these icons and symbols for the one-off, amped-up, rules-out-the-window, Mega Monopoly, Hasbro actually consented to replacing the diamond symbol with the vault graphic illustration on the SUPER TAX and INCOME TAX squares of subsequent regional editions.

Awaredressers Graphics

Awaredressers Condoms

Created wholly in photoshop without guide imagery, these colourful condom wrappers give a pertinent background to the contraception driven Awaredressers programme.

Frogs Jigsaw Graphic Illustration

MyFlyPal Airfield

Offering information, guidance, assistance and fun, record-breaking is an engaging and easy to use hub for all new and student pilots worldwide, surpassing 10,000 pageviews and 1,000 unique visitors in less than three days!

In a Pickle Lid Graphics

In a Pickle Gamebox

In a nice break from form, this box lid has all the primary information incorporated into the graphic illustration.

The Fujitsu AA Tournament

A collection of Fujitsu and AA staff football teams are gathered from all around the UK for this annual event. Branding the Fujitsu AA Tournament required a challenging mix of contemporary, corporate and fun - 3 styles not usually combined.

3D Graphic Icons

3D Icons

For a multitude of different applications, our graphic illustrator has a certain je ne sais quoi that beautifully brings text heavy presentations to life.

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