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The Serosensa Creative Reel.

Aspirations & Young People

Motion graphics compilation for Nottingham City Council DVD, Aspirations & Young People

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BARD Whistler Olympic Proof of Concept

Teaser promo vid for the Presidents Club of Bard Pharmaceuticals' staff reward trip to Whistler in Canada.

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YMCA FM Radio Broadcast Ad

Video short promoting the second wave of youth FM Radio Broadcasts

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BARD Radia Product Strategy

Green screen video project used to promote Bard Pharmaceuticals' latest product - The Bidirectional Diagnostic Catheter, Radia.

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Swift Instruction Promo Video

Captured and edited in the Summer of 2010, Swift Instruction has a magnetic and provocative promotional video which thoroughly evokes the essence of freedom only a pilot can feel. It gives you a nudge and gently asks you to imagine yourself in flight, as free as a bird.

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Cardboard City

A alpha test 3D mockup of Nottingham's social infrastructure.

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