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Two Wedding Photographers as Standard

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Back in 2013 we noticed the wedding photographer industry seemed full of chancers and pretence. Everyone wanted paying in full before they took a shot - regardless of quality. Everyone was really set in their ways and wanted way more than they were worth. Everyone wanted to leave after the first dance just as the party started. Everyone wanted extra payment for bespoke requests. We hated that.

We set up shop as wedding photographers in 2014 and delighted our first happy couple in September that same year. In our first year we shot 6 weddings with 12 incredibly happy clients.

We are honoured to shoot your big day because we know just how damn special it is! Our personable relaxed style mixed with incredibly professional results seems to have created just the right mix. We always insist on two photographers and will happily stay as long as you want. Sure it's a long day for us, but it's a massive day for you. We are glad to satisfy any extra requests without extra cost - same goes for the mileage - it's all in!

June & Rob

Zoe & Stuart

Nikki & Rich

Shane & Sam

The Walk

Tom & Ellie

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The One

The Family

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Little Party

Inner Circle

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Swan Heart


Tom & Ellie

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